FAQ On-Site document and hard drive shredding in North Dakota and surrounding areas

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Q: Why pay a shredding service when we can shred our documents internally?
A: When you use ShredND, you benefit by:

  1. Immediately securing all documentation in our secure containers.
  2. Your paper shredder may not be compliant with industry standards.
  3. Your employees will not be handling confidential documentation for an extended period of time.
  4. The time and money spent on equipment and paid employees will be more than offset with our state of art on-site document destruction. 

Q: Why should I use ShredND?
A: ShredND is owned and operated by competent peoples whom have extensive experience in the most document sensitive industry on the planet.  We have complied with HIPPA, PCI, and multiple other stringent programs that require and hold us accountable for proper documentation destruction.

Q: What size job is ShredND capable of doing?
A: ShredND can handle “purge” shredding jobs involving thousands of pounds of paper and documents. 

Q: Isn’t off-site shredding cheaper than using  on-site service?
A: No. Off-site shredding is not secure.  You lose the control and supervision of on-site Document destruction, where you can witness destruction of documents.  Your documents would become vulnerable on the way from your site to the destruction site ultimately holding you responsible. The pennies per pound you may save are not worth it if even one confidential document is stolen.

Q: What is the optimal way to comply with the federal legislation (HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA) affecting document retention and identity theft?
A: The optimal method of making certain you have complied with HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA is to utilize the insured, bonded, well trained and professional on-site shredding services of ShredND.

Q: How can we be certain our confidential documents have been destroyed?
A: Your employees insert documents into our locked “one-way” containers.  At regular intervals, an insured ShredND representative will remove the secure container and destroy the documents on-site in our mobile shredding unit. You are welcome to witness the destruction process.

Q: Why not just throw away our old computers and electronics?
A:  ShredND can pull the hard drives out and destroy them on site in minutes.  Those machines still have personal information in them and when not disposed of properly electronics can be extremely hazardous to our environment. 

Q: Does General Shredding guarantee our documents and electronics are completely destroyed and our electronics are properly recycled?
A: Yes.  ShredND has a rare ability to destroy hard drives, cell phones, and other small electronic media on-site and always issues a certificate of destruction. (Absolutely no batteries)

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